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COVID-19 Studio Procedures

What WE are doing before you get to the studio (general measures to reduce exposure):

  • Tape or spots will be placed to ensure appropriate spacing according to social distancing guidelines

  • Sanitizing spray (CDC listed COVID-19 sanitizer and hand sanitizer will be available throughout the studio. Bathrooms will be stocked with hand soap for washing hands.

  • Class formats have been adjusted so there is no shared equipment.

  • Staff will disinfect all common surfaces (e.g. door knobs, counter surfaces) before and after every class; when classes are not in session, they will perform disinfection of all surfaces.

  • All dancers will be verbally screened by DCDC staff members for the following symptoms prior to entering the premises: headache, sore throat, fever, dry cough, recent inability to taste or smell, shortness of breath, body aches, fatigue, diarrhea, vomiting, abdominal pain. Temperatures will be taken upon entering studio.

  • All staff must comply with social distancing and hand-washing protocols and will refrain from entering the building if they are experiencing any of the pre-screen symptoms listed above.

  • All DCDC protocols and appropriate signage will be posted at entrances and throughout the studio.

What it looks like for YOU when you attend the studio or a class (Protocol for Dancers):

  • All dancers will be verbally screened by DCDC staff members for symptoms prior to entering the premises. Temperatures will be taken.

  • We also request members limit the amount of personal items brought into the dance studio and store all jackets/layers prior to starting class. This is to avoid bringing further outside contaminants into the facility. You are allowed a small dance bag with a change of clothes and dance shoes.

  • Use of water filling station will be prohibited. Dancers are allowed to bring multiple water bottles, but will not be allowed to fill them from water sources within the facility.

  • We will not have our normal snack station open to purchase snacks or water bottles.

  • Dancers will not share equipment during classes.

  • Dancers do not need to wear masks while in class since they are participating in a recreational activity, but we do welcome your dancers to do what is comfortable for them and your family.

  • Dancers are expected to adhere to instructions provided with respect to social distancing.

  • We are currently welcoming our Twinkle Baby & Twinkle Star parents in our lobby to ease back-to-dance anxieties. These parents who choose to stay in the lobby must wear a mask in accordance with the city mask mandate. Thank you for helping us follow this Shawnee ordinance.  

    • We love and miss you Mini ShowStars and Junior ShowStar parents!! We hope to get you back in the lobby soon!​

    • We will be posting extra videos to our social media sites so you can still see what your dancer has been up to in class!

  • IMPORTANT FOR YOU: Dancers will enter through the East door and exit through West main door. Mrs. Teri and teachers will assist in the pick up of dancers. Please have a sign with your dancer’s name in the window upon pick up.

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