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Your Dancer's Time To Shine!

Updated: Jun 9, 2020

UPDATE 06/05: Here's a magical little video to give you an idea of what next week will look like!! We can't give away all of our surprises yet - like our GIANT CASTLE backdrop, special stage lights, and posing princesses with photobooths - BUT we hope you are as excited as we are to keep the magic alive!

Important Recital Update

With the current state of the world, let's come together to celebrate our children, love, and the art of dance! After our initial June email at 9:00am Monday morning, FireLake arena called us at 10:00am to inform Ms. Aonisty that the tribal leaders and doctors have canceled our June 27th recital date. The teachers of DreamCatcher's Dance Company are determined and committed to give your dancer their special moment in their costume under twinkling lights - and even through some set-backs out of our control - the show will go on! The staff met for a long time to discuss how we can safely but magically give your dancers their opportunity to shine! We are thrilled to be able to offer mini-recitals at our very own venue next week, June 9th-11th!

Before we share the details of our Dance Upon A Dream Recital, we'd like to thank you extensively for your continued support and positivity that you share with DreamCatcher's. We have heard the sentiment “We love and support you and will be back when this is all over!” While we love hearing this, the honest truth is that small businesses like ours may not BE THERE to come back to if we don’t have your support through the difficult times. We know it’s hard on everyone - we’re being thrown obstacles to overcome that we can’t anticipate, are difficult to overcome, didn’t ask for, and no one wants to deal with. That being said we will be here for our dancers, their families, and the passion for what we do.


We are incredibly grateful to have our own beautiful event space at our studio that can accommodate mini recitals NEXT WEEK June 9-11th! Each class will have a designated performance date/time that will be approximately the same time as their dance class time. Your dancer will perform ALL of their dances from their class. You can find your show time and costume to arrive in here:



2020 Recital Schedule
Download PDF • 65KB

To make this as special as possible, our team will be transforming our average dance space into a magical, Disney-approved stage - complete with a castle backdrop (check out the first picture!), live and in-person princesses, professional lighting, a small audience (that's you moms & dads!), staged photo-ops, and goodie bags! Please keep reading carefully for the details on our recital process. We will also release a video this weekend with visuals to get a better idea!

  • Girl dancers need to be dropped off with their teacher at the back Northwest door with their costumes and shoes. Dancers will have their temperatures taken. Please have all belongings labeled and in their garment bag.

  • Dancers need to arrive with their hair and make-up done and dressed in their first costume. Please refer to our recital page for this information as well as their show time. Your dancer will perform ALL of their spring dances their class has been working on.

  • Parents and male dancers will enter through the main entrance. Each audience member will have their temperatures taken.

  • Masks for any attendees is voluntary, but hand sanitizer must be used and the seats and rooms will be disinfected between mini shows.

  • Parents will be shown to their seats, and male dancers will be shown to their waiting room. Male dancers may use the men's restroom to change if necessary.

  • During the show, teachers and female dance assistants will perform costume changes in the back classrooms so parents can stay in their seats. Please do not stress about costume changes - you can feel confident your dancers will be in great hands and look great too!

  • If you have multiple dancers, the dancer that is not performing during that time slot will sit in the audience with you.

  • If you have a dancer in multiple dance classes, you can stay in your seat between the mini-recitals, and your dance will stay in the dressing room where they will be changed for the next dance.

  • If you do not have another dance time slot or your dance time slots are not back-to-back, please exit the studio through the East doors with your dancer and their costumes. You will pick up your fabulous goody bag along with class recommendations and notes from your teacher. Be sure to stop by our photobooths set up along the East exterior side of the building!

Please note: Students will be permitted only TWO parents/guardians to attend. This does not including siblings that will also be performing. Again, while we are sad not to be able to host our usual large audiences, we are grateful for the space we have which will allow for each child to feel safely accompanied and have someone special present to cheer them on! For those not able to attend, we will be live-broadcasting each performance on Facebook. Audience members are also allowed to video and take photos from their seats - but please no camera flashes as it's distracting to our dancers.


A Few More Things:

June Tuition -

Recreational dancers will only be charged a discounted 50% off rate for June. Thank you again for your commitment to our small business and staff!

Waiting Room Closed This Week - Our process for resuming regular dance classes this week remains the same. Please watch our video for drop off & pick up.

Parent T-Shirts

Unfortunately, since we had to move our recital date up, we are no longer able to get our parent t-shirts in before the show. You will not see this charge on your account. Your dancers will receive their shirts during costume pick-up on Friday.

Even if your dancer hasn't been practicing or taking virtual classes, please come to recital if you feel comfortable. Our teachers will be dancing along behind the curtain or down front so that they feel extremely confident!

We thank you again for your support and positivity during these changing times! Our DreamCatcher's Staff looks forward to serving your family and dancing along side your sweet dancers!

Keep Dancing!

Your DCDC Fam

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