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Sweet Summertime!

Summer lovin’ havin’ a blast! We just kicked summer off with a super successful turns & jumps camp!

We still have camps for ages 2+ starting June 15th! Be sure to check them out at and enroll your dancer. These camps are perfect for new dancers wanting to get their feet wet in the dance waters, current dancers wanting to keep growing, and dancers who want to have a fun dance party with their favorite DCDC crew!

For current competition dancers, they will be headed to Orlando, Florida June 22-27 to compete at In10sity Nationals! Wish them well!!!

For those wanting to join our 2021-2022 competition team, we will announce audition dates and specifics soon! Please be watching for that information.

Lastly, spots for our fall/spring semester are filling up quickly. Please be sure you have claimed your dancer‘s spot in the class they want! You can enroll online at

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