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Summer Camp Info

Summer Camps!

Hello, camp families! We are so thrilled to have your dancer at one of our June summer camps. I wanted to give you some information to help you feel the most comfortable and prepared for the week since we will have so many new friends joining us!

Attire: Your dancer may wear whatever is most comfortable for them. If that is a leotard and tights or shorts and a shirt, that works for us! Camps are about having fun and we won't have any dress code. Dancers may wear tennis shoes or any form of ballet or jazz shoe to camps that they are comfortable dancing in. We will not be doing shoe changes during class so they will not need to bring all of their dance shoes. We keep things simple for summer!! Please remember to label your dancer's shoes so they won't end up in our lost and found. Drop off/Pick up: We will continue our drop off and pick up procedure for those wanting to wait in their car, run errands, etc. If your dancer is under 4 we ask that you please stay either in the lobby or in the parking lot should your dancer need you.

  • Drop off will be at the East black door next to our Twinkle Star Dancer sign. You may either park and walk your dancer in, or have them jump out of the car and walk themselves in. Weather permitting - we will have our drop off door open and teacher assistants waiting.

  • Pick up will be at our main doors that face 45th Street. You will drive your car around the studio to the west side (the opposite side that you dropped off on) where our assistants will be waiting with your dancer.

  • If you choose to stay in the lobby, please still follow the drop off and pick up flow of traffic so we don't have a congested lobby.

Performance: Dance camp wouldn't be complete without a little shinning moment in an end of the week performance! Your dancer may wear one of their own themed costumes or cute outfit (ie. Princess dress for Elsa camp, pop star sparkles or neon for rockstar camp, etc.) on the Friday of camp. Then, we ask parents to join us in the studio for a fabulous viewing of class and the routines we have learned! *For dance debut parents, we ask that you keep your party small since they perform in our smaller Twinkle Baby classroom. They do MUCH better with less eyes on them and in a classroom that fits their size. See you soon!

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