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It’s Show Time!

SHOW TIME! Dress rehearsal week was such a success, and your dancers were such rockstars! Please keep reading for what you need to know from our dress rehearsal week and for the show tomorrow.  Dress Rehearsal Notes:

  • Pin ALL hair accessories or hats - Bring all accessories listed on costuming sheet

  • Correct shoes for costume (see the costuming sheets!) - Hip Hop shoes are WHITE

  • Dancer's name on EVERYTHING - shoes, costumes, accessories, street clothes

Class specifics - if your class is not listed here, it just means we didn't have any notes specifically for your class:

  • Petite Competition - glue or pin white belts

  • Junior/Pre-Teen Competition - Body tape white socks up

  • 5:!5 Tuesday Hip Hop - pin cape on shoulders so arms can be seen, wear any black or red shorts or leotard underneath dress

  • 6:15 Tuesday Twinkle Stars - we kept light necklaces and will pass them out at the show

  • 6:00 Wednesday Twinkle Stars - Frosty hats in center of head in front of bun

  • 5:45 Thursday Hip Hop - Pin bra and belt to costume, no mistletoe pin

  • 6:15 Jr/Teen ShowStars - Nude or black bra

Show Run Through: Below you will see a brief run through of what the show will be like for your dancer (a video will be released on our Facebook tomorrow to give you a visual). Please remember that your dancer MUST stay backstage the entire show. Masks are not required while dancing on stage. HOWEVER, dancers must properly wear them backstage. Please have their names written on their masks.  Costuming & Line Up

  • 1:00pm FireLake Arena Doors Open - begin checking dancer in with Ms. Teri at the front table. She will give the adult a 'child pick-up ticket' (this is separate from your show ticket). Then you will take your dancer back to their assigned dressing room designated by their costume picture. Please look for these signs

  • 1:30pm Dressing room check - please have your dancer dressed, ready, and in their appropriate dressing room by this time

  • 1:38pm Group Prayer - all dancers will be escorted by teachers backstage for our full studio prayer and then returned to their dressing room until their dance

  • 1:45pm First 3 Dances Lined Up - teachers will line up the first 3 dances backstage

  • 2:00pm SHOWTIME! - teachers will be bringing your dancer from their dressing room to the backstage area where they will be lined up and brought on stage by our teen & senior competition team. Please remind your dancer to stay with their class and follow directions.

  • During the show - parents of dancers under 5 will need to have someone stay in the dressing room with their dancer to ensure safety. We will not be providing teachers to do costume changes and watch dressing rooms. Older dancers need to be reminded to be respectful, stay in the dressing room, and clean up after themselves please. ABSOLUTELY NO FOOD OR DRINKS BACKSTAGE.

  • After the show - Your dancer will be kept in their dressing room until an adult with their 'child pick-up ticket' brings their ticket to the backstage teacher. Please do not have your older dancer meet you somewhere in the arena. You must pick them up for their safety.

  • Pictures on the stage - Your dancer can take pictures on our stage with our senior rockettes *masks required

More Info:

Your dancer will need their free ticket to get into the arena. If you have not received your ticket please message our studio page on Facebook.

We are so excited to share our show program with you electronically! View it here!

You can order show DVDs or USBs through the office next week for $38.

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