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Bringing the Dance to You

After much research, consideration and yes frustration, we have decided to... *temporarily* suspend "in-studio" classes for students. This doesn't mean we won't have class! Please read on for more details. When in doubt, turn up the music and dance!

Thanks to technology, The DreamCatcher's Staff is so excited to open their "virtual doors" and offer recorded and live classes for all ages! Even though schedules seem wonky and things are changing everyday, we would love to be the familiar face and consistency for your dancer from the comfort of your living room!

What does this mean? Students will not go to the studio for their classes.

Will we still have class? Yes! Don't fret, We have recorded the dance classes you know and love and have posted them to our website to be taken as many times as your dancer wants, at anytime! We are also offering live virtual classes (please see the live schedule below)! Read below to access. Please check your email or message us for your password.

Will my class be at the regular time?

Not necessarily. We have done our best to align your regular class time with our virtual schedule. You can see your live class time on your class page or on our calendar page.

Will I have the same teacher?

Yes and no, in order to accommodate all of our classes, some classes have had to combine under one teacher. If you are unsure if you are in the correct class, feel free to ask the instructor.

What will class look like now?

All classes have gone virtual and will look the same as the do in class. Both our recorded and live classes will challenge your dancers to get up and move, use their brain, and see familiar faces. Live classes offer the option to be seen by our teachers via webcam and will offer all of their regular music and moves. Each class will consist of:

  • A Warm-Up

  • Stretch

  • A new piece of technique or combo

  • Across the floor

  • Recital routines

Will there still be a recital? Yes, we do hope to keep the same date, location and everything. Of course, things could change at any time. Please keep practicing your dances and log into the online classes.

What about Tumbling & Acro?

Since tumbling requires more mats and space than most people have at home, we will not be offering online classes for these. BUT!

Tumbling & Acro Make-Up Classes!

We are pleased to offer you open gym time with our fabulous coaching staff to make-up for our tumbling classes on Fridays, Saturdays, or Sundays when we return. We will send an email with more details on these makeup classes.

As of right now, we plan to return with Shawnee schools on April 6th. Our regular classes will be able to pick up where our temporary virtual classes will leave off.

We are working closely with other industry professionals around the world as we are all experiencing this pandemic. There is a lot of preparation to be made in order to move forward. Please keep checking your email and following us on Social Media to be informed.

Lastly, We will be posting special, fun challenges for your dancers and you, parents, on our Facebook page! Be sure to check it out.

How Do I Access My Class?

All classes have a virtual page on our website.

  • Select which level your dancer is in - if you are unsure you can log into your AKADA account (the one you use to pay) and see their class name.

  • Select the class time with corresponding teacher.

  • Log-in with the password

  • View important news, download activities, practice recital choreography, take recorded class, or virtual class! Please see the schedule on our calendar for your dancers class time!

Warm Regards


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